Sunday, June 24, 2012

Baby free vacay

Josh wears sunglasses on vacation. What what.

Off we went with out the baby to Fredericksberg, TX!  We went last year too...lots of fun.


It was so hard leaving baby Claire at Grammies, but we sucked it up and followed this truck around...

Ha Ha.  But seriously, there's a secret Shiner in a lot of these pics.

Went hiking at Shreiner State Park in Kerrville

Purple flowers!  Reminded me of my beeebeee

Cooled off in the Guadelupe River
 Get away!

Went to have a nice dinner at Alamo Springs Cafe on a cliff...
 Great views!  The place was closed on Tuesdays.  Whomp whomp.

 This was actually a little BAT sanctuary.  People come to watch the bats come out to feed...eek!

Bat Man!

Our Bed and Breakfast porch... it was called Queen Anne - Aspen room.

I liked last year's place better, the food was better and we had a private cottage as opposed to a wing of a house.  We could hear them cooking, so less sleeping in! The jacuzzi tub and robes were my fave.

After our 3 days of adult fun we couldn't wait to see our little bear back in San Antonio!

"OHi, miss me?"

My friend Janine brought Brooklyn to visit.  I love that she's a big girl too.  One month younger than Claire, and so cute!

My mom busted out this little gem of me at 6 months.  Claire thought she was looking at a mirror...well, a skinny mirror.

Claire is like 20lbs and my baby book said I hit 20 at 15 months.  Ooopsy!  Little bear loves her solids what can I say!?

I was SO happy to have Josh for a whole week!  Now back to the real world.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

City Cave

This kinda goes along with the last post.  Claire found a cave!  I'm laughing because she did this all on her own, and I recreated it for the photos...

"Hmm...looks like a fun tunnel"
 "Lemme back up and see what we find..."
 "No lions, tigers or bears here!"
 "I found a sheepdog though! Yay!"

This is one of the best baby present we got! It would have made more sense to take a video haha, oops, just thought of that.  I need to thank Amazon and post a customer pics. This is a Chicco Baby DJ Walker.  Think of this if you have a friend having a baby, endless entertainment/excercize and gives my back a break.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Not the 'burbs

Nooo, we don't have a backyard, or grass, or a driveway to ourselves...We may live walking distance to Sunshine Market and a Washateria... We also may live next to a Metro bus stop and a train that runs by us.  We may be city livin' in townhouse land, but we can still create a community pool/pet oasis.  Just what the summer heat ordered

Splish splash little Claire!
 Who needs a fancy community pool with a slide?
 Why yes, creature of the wild, quench your thirst here.
 Scoot around us neighbor of our shared drive, if there's room, we're having a pool day!

At least the 3-story buildings hide us from the sun!  Score.

I have been pondering a lot lately on our living situation, wondering what our next move will be, maybe next year.  Isn' it such the dilemma?  Stay in town where you love and all your friends are, OR move to the 'burbs, have a yard and sidewalks, good schools and call it a day.

Yes, there are plenty of houses in town, that cost plenty of money or are old, small and need work.  Unfortunately, we're not growing a money tree and I don't like fixing up old things.  I like things ready to be moved it.

So we're just kinda waiting it out, looking into different neighborhoods, some far, some closer, trying to decide what's best for Claire.  The only thing I don't want is Josh spending over 2 hours a day communting everyday and missing out on her seeing her at night.

So, until we decide either way, driveway parties will be all the rage!

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Claire woke up Saturday with this huge bite/burn/hickey thing on her arm...

At first I thought she had self-soothed herself to sleep and given herself a hickey.  But it was SO rough, raised and hard!  Then I thought spider bite maybe...because it was just so big.

Anyways, by 6pm it was still really bad and many mommy friends and my own mom said they'd get it checked, so we searched for an Urgent Care and found one out in Cypress for kids only.

The doctor said that it was just a bad allergic reaction to a mosquito bite and gave us a Rx for antibiotic cream and to get some 1% hydrocortisone.  Luckily, this thing never even bothered Claire, we're just crazy first time parents!

What sort of things do y'all do to help prevent mosquito bites?  We have a bug net for the stroller, that's it so far, they freaking attack her at night in her crib I think!!

and, in other news,  LOOK who's just a sittin' fool these days...