Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Quick Preview

Our new living room furniture! The ottoman has drawers on the side, perfect for blankets and remotes! Shelby already feels at home.

We're trying to move in today...but as of now, it's raining and nasty. I hope we don't have to wait, but I also don't want a muddy mess, it was JUST cleaned yesterday. Ok, back to packing....

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Jesus, and Josh!

Love love Christmas time....this year was extra good, I think because Christmas was on a Friday. Josh had tons of time off to use and we got to spend almost 4 days in San Antonio! Here is a family photo at the Price house!
My parents were so cool to let the dogs stay there. Here's all the girls! Emily has her pup "Happy," Shelby's cousin.We had a great dinner at La Posada Del Rey...though the service was EHH. My grandpa is neighbors with the owner, so I think he cut them some slack. They under-estimated people's need for Mexican food on Christmas Eve!! Afterwards, we came home and opened gifts. If my mom is doing all the cooking, we sometimes open them all at night (Santa must come during dinner ha). Here's Emily opening her gifts and then me, pretending to be upset at my gift from Josh (honey-glazed pecans!). We didn't do big Christmas gifts this year....uhh we bought a HOUSE!Josh's mom bought Shelby a Christmas outfit! Isn't she perfect?

After we ate Christmas lunch in San Antonio with family, we headed to Katy for our 2nd Christmas! We even had a family white elephant exchange....that was interesting. We took it as a gag gift thing...Ryan, Josh's bro...actually bought good things. He was not impressed with the keychain flashlight he got. On the other hand, we're thrilled to get his hand steamer! It cracked me up...I suggested that Josh give it back to Ryan, but he said he didn't condone pouting. Love family times =)

Josh's birthday!! The big 2-7!

I thought I had it rough, a birthday 2 weeks after Christmas...try the DAY after! Usually, he gets the obligatory "It's for your birthday AND Xmas!" Luckily, he doesn't mind that when he got a new gas grill from my parents. He was so excited! Then his family went in on a tool set and chest/drawers. He made out like a bandit this year.

He had a fun party in Houston. Beer pong, queso and kareoke! Great night!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Real Parrot Heads!

We took a quick trip to New Orleans last weekend. This was my 7th trip to that shining city in a bowl. It was 3 couples, Matt/Melissa Coker-Lewis, James and Karen Chenoweth and the Nowaks. Karen's birthday was celebrated and also our 1 year anniversary.

We LOVE those hand gernades. They are deadly, but so good and will last you hours.

My college friends will appreciate my stop at the Tropical Isle bar. We've taken so many of these parrot pictures, it's actually kinda sad. But you HAVE to if you's a New Orlean's must.

Where the New Orleans bowl description comes into play was when the MONSOON hit. The streets flooded so quickly!! WE were "trapped" in a bar on Bourbon St. We are somewhere in that angry red spot.

We didn't mind though. It only affected what we wore to dinner: a nice dinner at Bourbon House. Karen didn't get to change from this sexy number....
Trip HIGH-lights:
-Laughing (after many drinks) about canoeing to and from bars.
-The DJ telling us to "Fist Pump like a Champ" an awesome reference to MTV's Jersey Shore
-Josh accidentally punching in a window at a bar...where they kept cats. Odd.
-Josh sneaking off to buy street beer (cheaper) then popping back in our bar
-James and Matt eating WAY too many oysters
-Bourbon St. cops grabbing Josh, insisting he peed in the street...obviously did NOT, they let him go, handed him his beer and said " Don't let us catch you back here again" Louisiana?? New Orleans? Stupid!!
-NEVER stop at LA border town bathrooms....wait til you get to Beaumont. Trust me.
Shelby puppy stayed with Ashlee and Jill. They are awesome, we missed our baby pup. Can't wait for Christmas!! So close!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New House, New Pup, New Blog!

Hello Bloggosphere! I'm finally hopping on the band wagon thanks to a couple of friends who have become quite good at this. I guess now is as good a time as any! ALOT has gone on this past month, it's cRaZy!

A. Bought our first house!!!

B. We bought our puppy, Shelby!!

C. We had our 1 year anniversary; wonderful meal at Taste of Texas. We later ventured to New Orleans, pics to come.

I would love to post more pics and have better editing, but I am new and having to drag them from the top all the way to bottom. Would love some blogging advice! Why can't I upload them where I want them??

Anyways! We're working on the house for a bit; painting, carpet cleaning, a sink fix here and there. We got a great deal on a pre-foreclosure so there is alot of work to be done before the apartment kicks us out Jan. 10th! Oh yeah, there's Christmas and New Years in between there too! I hope Pedro and the crew we hired are good and efficient!