Thursday, February 18, 2010

His Valentine's Surprise

So I got to plan Valentine's Day this year. I decided to have Josh do something he never did before! Before we left on the adventure we made some yummy chocolate-covered strawberries!

We stopped at Bubba's to get our bison burgers to go (yes, romantic...but OH so good). So we headed down 59, he had no idea where we were going and I was so pumped! We came to our stop, "Painting with a Twist" and he laughed. Yep! We're couple's painting!
We were the first people there, so we got to eat and get mentally prepared/drink our booze before class started. It's basically a BYOB with a painting instructor.

I think Josh liked it and was happy to do something other than going out to dinner. I was glad that it was a couple's night, so there were alot of other guys there in the same boat. Our paintings were called "Key to My Heart."
Josh getting really into it...yes he drew that heart free hand!!
And here's our final product!! We had the tag say "N" for Nowak. I can't wait to go back, it was a great night!!
I got some cheap frames at Hobby Lobby and our creations are up in our study! Have a great weekend!! I get to go home to San Antonio and eat some nummy num Mexy food.

Monday, February 8, 2010

I CAN be crafty

So, for some reason I really wanted to make a gift for my friend Jill's baby shower. I could have gone to Target and got some cute little baby things, but my college friends are probably the most thoughtful bunch on the planet and I wanted it to be more special. I sneakily asked her the colors of the nursery and got to craftin'.

I got on You Tube and looked up "How to make a French Board" and got started! The cutest little old lady at Hobby Lobby helped pick out the material (she was really happy when I stopped by to show her my final product).

Here's a little step by step to make your own French/ Memory board! Super easy!!

Here's the supplies you need: a canvas, batting, material, ribbon and buttons. The tools SHOULD be a staple gun, but I used nails and hot glue!

Wrap the batting and staple it tight....

Wrap and nail/staple the material. Make it nice and tight and cut away the access.

After you tack the ribbon at even parallels you weave it through the other way. Make it tight!

I hot glue these little buttons and also a "C" for Caraline. There's so many ways to do it!

There's alot of girls I know having babies...I think this will be my "thing" to make pregs girls! I got Karen in on the gig as well...we made some more for Nikki and Kate...

Jill and Kate loved their gifts and I'm so happy to have found a fun craft to do! I'll post the baby shower pics soon!