Friday, May 27, 2011

Telling Fam!

So I ordered this book from Amazon and it's just a silly little book that has all sorts of names that kids call their grandparents. I wrapped it up and said it was an Easter gift for Josh's mom...

She read over the book for a while, then finally said, "does this mean we're going to be grandparents??"
We were heading to San Antonio the next week for my Dad's birthday and a late Easter, so I had to keep the big secret from my parents just one more week. I gave my dad the book for this birthday and made my mom a shirt that said "GRAND MUTHY." (I call her Muthy for some reason.)
My Mom totally didn't get it, since she calls the dogs her "grand dogs" she thought it had to do with the pups! But then they put it together when my dad opened the book. Look at his face!

There was crying and a fun dinner at Aldaco's afterwards, Emily and Rian were also there. My mom was especially shocked, she knew my ovarian reserve issues and that we were planning an IUI soon. She couldn't believe it (like me)!

Since we were in San Antonio, I told my 2 oldest BFFs! Can't believe we've been friends for almost 15 years!

Kendra, me and Lisa!Also stopped my Ganny and Poms to tell the big news! Ganny was happy and said, that'll be our 8th great-grand child!! This fall will be their 70th wedding anniversary, can you believe it?!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Rumors are True!

I'm Pregnant!!Our prayers were answered and we are so grateful and happy to share the news! I wanted to make a post on how I told Josh.

I had a sneaking suspicion that something was different when I took my temperature in the morning on April 4th. It was still high. Usually, as infertility patients know, your temp plummets and your period comes after 14 days. So, after Josh left for work, I got up the courage to take a cheap pregnancy test (Thanks Kelly for convincing me).

After shaking like crazy and telling all my friends the news, they'd been my sounding board for the past year, I texted my best friend Chelsea, who I KNEW would understand. **Side note, we're BOTH pregnant and due a week a part!!** Isn't God great??

So I ran to BabiesRUs and bought a "BIG SISTER" shirt for Shelby....We ran up to Josh's work, Shelby couldn't wait to tell him!

Josh is watching the digital pregnancy test working, then popping up "PREGNANT", he smiled so big!! "Are you serious?" "What!"I brought the tests to show him and we hugged and kissed and Shelby has no idea what's in store!Happy Daddy and Happy Big Sister, Shelby pup!That night, we celebrated together and ate at Saltgrass, ironically now, the sight or smell of meat leaves me running to the bathroom!
We are so happy and were quite frankly shocked. After having 'low ovarian reserve' and giving us a 3% chance of conceiving on our own, we totally beat the odds! We were on a break from Clomid and looking forward to an IUI and then BAM! God had everything under control and we are having a baby! It was the best feeling canceling the IUI and knowing that it's all in God's time. The lucky month I also started going to a Fertility Accupuncturist who I will now be recommending! You never know if he helped or it was just a coincidence, but I'm so glad I went!

Baby Nowak is due December 11, 2011!! =)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Back to Idol - Top 5

Ok, what do I think of this week...First contemporary songs...

James - His first song, don't even know what it's called and I already forgot it. Guess that means it's FORGETTABLE! I just wasn't blown away, this always happens though when I don't really know the song.

Jacob - Ok, singing Jordan Sparks + Chris Brown?? WHAT! He was yelling at the highest octave the whole time! It was terrible, and I totally agree with Randy, there's just no niche for him.

Lauren - Fly on the Floor, Carrie Underwood... seriously never heard this song either. If you're going to go big like Carrie Underwood, why not pick one that people at home can really get into...I'm so glad she didn't grab a random dude to come on stage with her. She sounded very good with this song, looks like she's "in it to win it" haha stupid Randy.

Scotty - "Gone" by Montgomery Gentry. oh my. I really hate when he prances around. Is it sad that I miss when he used to sing "baby lock them doors and turn the lights down low..." I just thought it was too crazy of a performance, I'm one who really listens to the singing part of it. SING Scotty SING. Judges disagree with me, but bleh

Haley - the unleased "You and I" Lady GaGa. I actually have seen this performance on You Tube, so a little familiar with the song. Haley is growing on me alot... I think it's hilarious since all I did was rag on her for weeks. She's really her own gal, sings her songs well and could care less about what people think, I like that about her. I agree with Jennifer, probably not the best song choice... but oh well, she def not worse that Jacob!

round 2 - old school song

James - I think I will REALLY love this song... I LOVE when he's sentimental...let's see. He's such a special guy, I loved this performance. I preferred stripped down James. At least he did a little something for everyone tonight!

Jacob - "Love Hurts." This is SUCH a better choice for Jacob. I think he just needs to bite the bullet and sing ballad types all the time. He really shines on this. Couple notes were very scary, but he recovered.

Lauren - "Unchained Melody", her parent's song. So sweet! SUCH a big song, wow. She didn't do it how I thought she should. The part where she sings "I need your love, i NEEED your love". That should have been WAY bigger. She toned it down and I didn't like that part. Good runs here and there, she pretty much was flawless on the notes, over all good job, but really held big parts back.

Scotty - "Always on my Mind" ... OMG so much better, maybe it's just me. I just really appreciate the singing and not the theatrics of it all...probably why I never go to concerts, too far away, too much spectical. I loved this performance from Scotty. I can't wait for him to be on Y100.3 here in Houston! Maybe he'll performe at a BBQ Cook-Off tent (sans dancing around of course) hehe

Haley - "House of the Rising Sun." So much soul in this song. I actually liked this performance alot. I don't have much critique! Really well done!! Wow, standing ovation from judges! Good sign.

Prediction: Jacob will go home. The bottom 3 guessing is kinda obsolete, they are all so good. It's really tough. I'll say Jacob, Lauren and Scotty just for fun. But Jacob is probably out.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Shelby: The Sole Hater

This is what we came home to, courtesy of Shelby:

I guess I should be glad she just takes out the soles and doesn't destroy the shoes! She better not even THINK about touching my new Tory Burch flats!! I love 'em and got a great deal on Ebay!