Thursday, April 14, 2011

Top 8 Blurb

Since I wanna get my review in before tonight ... here we go.

It's starting to get hard to distinguish between who I truly predict will be in the bottom three, and who I personally HOPE will be outta here.

PAUL - over you, horrible song choice and performance....oh and HORRIBLE SUIT. I really did used to like him, but he cannot hang with this others vocally. Nope! His smile is the only thing keeping him in.

Lauren - My favorite performance and my girl to beat in this show. I think she has a great chance of winning. She sounded better than Miley Cyrus and looked amazing! SO pretty, so good.

Scottie - Obviously no one can sing the King of Country music quite good enough, and he did well to try and change it up... he'll be safe, but I really don't like when he tries to sing high and "Go for It" as they say. He's better to sing lower, Johnny Cash DANG IT! He had the whole "Walk the Line" movie to choose from, BAH!

Casey - Crazy, way out in his own world. I can def see the appeal, I just don't think he'll win, they judges just GUSHED over him, I guess i just don't appreciate Jazz... I'm a top 40 kinda girl.

Stefano - Good song choice! Everyone my age is dreaming of elementary school days, singing "GO! To the end .. of.. the road..."You know you had BoyzIIMen tapes! He did really well, and Josh thinks the judges are really rooting for him, and I agree, he's just always sitting on the fence.

Haley - Oh geez. Not good, and super annoying. I kept thinking the whole time how much she was flashing the audience with that mini-dress! "CALL ME!" ... call me crazy, but you're in the bottom 3. Which sucks, hate to lose girls, but ... it's bound to happen.

Jacob - He was seriously a downer this week. Almost pouting. I thought it was because he was in the bottom last week, but then I decided he was super embarrassed for making that comment about everyone not looking at themselves in the mirror if he was at the bottom. Even that producer guy told him to stop preaching to the audience and being corny. TOO FUNNY.

James - He's so likeable, that I cant say much bad about him, other than i absolutely HATE heavy metal. But how can I knock it? It's his THING! He was so cute when he was saying "Just give metal a chance, I'll make arm bands, give metal a chance..." I think his personality alone can take him far in this competition.

There ya have it, I'm going with the bottom 3 of: PAUL, HALEY, and JACOB (I can't decide if it's just cuz I don't like Jacob, or I think the audience is sick of him). Stay tuned!


Ok, so blogs can't be all rainbows and unicorns so I'm writing about how mad I am over this:

I can't believe, our country has come down to THIS. Public fondling of children. It's an abomination. HOW is this helping ANYONE fight terror?? Has the TSA caught ANYONE sneaking bombs/knives on a plane doing this technique? NOPE. So why the HELL we allowing these strangers to grope our children?? A SIX YEAR OLD GIRL. She cried afterwards, I probably would too. It's a damn outrage and I can't get over it.

How can an administration who blasted and cursed the previous president for wire tapping claim that THIS isn't any less invasive or prying into our privacy? It does not add up, and does NOT help fight terror. I don't know when it started, but it has GOT to stop. Do you really think some stupid TSA agent is going to come across a kindergarten caucasion child, with a ticket to grandmas or Disney World strapping some TNT inside their jammies? This concept is ridiculous and makes me so mad I can't think straight right now.

The terrorist are 10 steps ahead of us...we're so freaking reactionary it's mind-boggling! So they try to blow up a plane on with a now for a decade we take off our shoes...OK. They have obviously moved past that. It's time to focus on who we're scanning. Grandpa Jim who is a 85 yr old WW2 vet does NOT need to be groped down.... he can walk through the metal detectors like anyone else. This invasive groping is only further making our enemies happier and declaring some sort of small win in their minds, "Look! Haha! Stupid Americans are fondling their children! Look what we did!"

Take a page out of the book of logic, we need to narrow the search, looks at passports, where are they from, where are they going, be realistic on who is groped and patted down, and take a hard look at what political correctness has done to our society.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lovin' this Season...

Wow, another great night on Idol! I just wanna point out how right I was about Thia and Naima! Hehehe... ok enough bragging. Quick thoughts on tonight:

Jacob: Seems like a ringer, a professional already. Sang "Man in the Mirror," great job!

Casey: My favorite by far, lovin' his vibe and hope he makes it all the way!

Haley: Ugh, yelling....fro hair... she's in the bottom FO SHO. Too much growling.

James: Not my fave tonight, but really touching, he's a deep, thoughtful guy. Great job.

Lauren: Looks like hell tonight, outfit made her look fat. She did good enought to move on.

Scottie: OMG. I laughed. He seriously cracked me up doing Elvis and the girls rushing him. He'll move on for sure.

Pia: A good performance again, I'm just not excited about her, you know? She'll move on.

Stefano: Good song, but I think he's in trouble. The note he held forever at the end was iffy.

Paul: Great! Finally someone did Johny Cash! Love him with the guitar, and his sparkley smile.

My favorite was DEF Casey again. The girls really disappointed me, they aren't chosing good songs. They are RANDOM songs. Play to the audience!! Scottie is super safe, the girls love him but I seriously can't get over his antics. Is he for real or joking? Can't ANYONE on the Idol staff show him how to hold a microphone?? Closer to the end of the season, there is always a surprise boot. Some one you'd never suspect, but people just didn't vote, figured they were safe. That will probably happen soon, but not tomomorrow. My predictions are an easy bottom 2: Haley and Stefano. The 3rd is always tough, I'd throw in Pia just cuz her outfit. I can't committ though, Haley or Stefano..Hmmm.. ok I guess Stefano.

In totally unrelated news, accupuncture is WEIRD! I'm completely UN-relaxable, but I'll get better. I'm terrified of needles and even asked him to remove the one in between my eyebrows, it was really bothering me. But, I'll suck it up! He gave me tons of vitamins too to help my digestive issues and told me to lay off cheese. HA! Does he know me? I'll try, I'll try. Gotta calm the system down.

Ok, I'm going to watch Casey's performance again! Later!