Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tattoo Panda-monium

Our good friends Charlie and Andrea Mertz are a unique couple. Josh has known them since high school and they really haven't changed. Charlie is a CPA, Aggie grad and Andrea, a Longhorn, is about to start her pediatric residency. A smart, respectable pair, contributing alot to society. They are fun, quirky and perfect for each other.

It started as a regular BBQ at our house (go house parties!) when, after a few beers, the guys starting teasing Charlie that he would never get a tattoo. It came up because Josh's little brother Cody has a bunch of them. The guys were going back and forth, egging him on...us girls were oblivious! We had no idea they were discussing Charlie's future tattoo! We started to catch wind when Charlie sketched Andrea riding a pony, holding a flag that said "Mertz." Hilarious, I thought, but they can't be serious.

Finally, I heard Josh and Brian, another Katy guy, say they would PAY for the tattoo if Charlie went through with it. Well...next thing I knew we were in a car headed to Montrose to find Cody's tattoo place. Each side calling the other's bluff...this was crazy. I kept asking Andrea, really?? Are you going to let this happen?! She laughed and said it was his body. True, but what! Charlie and her were looking through clip art on his iPhone for the perfect PANDA, that was the new idea.
He decided the pandas would be back to back like this.

The best was Charlie explaining what he wanted to the tattoo guy. 'I want two pandas. One feeding the other and holding a flag that says Mertz." The guy looked skeptically and explained that would have to be REALLY big. The guys set the price limit to $120 and Charlie said, "ok, I want $120 worth of these pandas."

It was literally around 2 am when it was finally Charlie's turn. All the while I never believed he'd do it. I mean...the accountant with 2 panda's on his back? Noo.......oh but yes. Here's how I documented the night....

The peanut gallery.

Yep, he said it hurt. Andrea had to cover her eyes!

Aaannnddd...the final product!!!

We texted all their friends and they were shocked, but not TOO shocked. I mean, it's Charlie! He and Andrea had replica bobbleheads made of each other for their wedding cake topper! Now THAT's just complete Panda-monium.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Goodies in the Mail

I LOVE getting stuff in the mail. I'm all for Evites on alot of things, but there's nothing like getting a wedding invitation, baby announcement or something from Amazon. We've signed onto Amazon Prime where you pay a fee for a year and get free shipping. Well, our friend Brian paid for the year, and added me as a user for free...thanks Brian!!

I got 2 goodies from Amazon today, and you know your life is dull when you get pumped for these two doozies!

First prize: The FURminator. Yes, that's the name. I found it at Target and Josh's mom swears by it for her dogs. Apparently it's the best de-shedder on the market. It's $65 for a Large at Target, but my Amazon Prime said $15! Great deal. Always shop online.

You HAVE to see the ridiculous picture on the box. It says all that hair is from one sitting with the FURminator. I laugh everytime...that's like from 8 dogs.

I introduced Shelby to her new friend...she wasn't as excited as me.

My second prize was a self-inking stamp. I have seen some friend's letters with these and HAD to get one!

So much fun...I wanna stamp things. Lots of things. I'll probably stamp Shelby, then FURminator it away.

Friday, January 15, 2010

2010: Year of the House Parties

Well, I'll go ahead and say it. I'm in my LATE twenties now. LATE. No longer MID. We had a great couple years there in the mid-twenties. Stumbling home from bars, listening to drunk twenty-somethings play music all night long in our very nice, but very crazy mid-town apartment. For those in Houston who are familiar, it was a great ride. No parking, no taxis, no vallet.

We're all moved into our townhouse in Cottage Grove, just west of The Heights. it's a quiet corner full of young couples with no kids, who have outgrown their mid-town lofts. It's the next step you know? That's why our friends and I have declared 2010: Year of the House Parties! We're so grown up!! =)

Here are a few pics of New Years, TWO house parties. First, at the Chenoweths:

We then ventured to the Amy's "Fancy Mustache Party" Most of the guys took that as...let's go buy a funny mustache at Party Boy. My wonderful husband went ahead and spent a week or so growning out this fine display.

Here is Ashley and Me, sans mustache, just for the pic though

We had a great time! I was glad it was over though, so Josh would shave that porn 'stache.

Right after the New Year was my 27th Birthday. It was a WILD party! A great way to say HELLO Late twenties!! It was definitely something I would do only once or twice a year. My friend Sam and I have close Bdays, so we ate at Taco Milagro and she set up a party bus to take us up and down Washington road. Open container bus and all! This was definitely frat party style, and DEF a rare night. But, hey, it's my birthday right??

Here's some of the party goers! Andrea, Jillian, Kalin, Me, Jill, Lizzy and Karen!
Shelby had to stay at home!

Here's us at Pearl Bar! Emily, my sister, put up my name on the video board!

Here's Josh and I on the bus...

All in all, I had a great birthday with tons of great friends. We've really found our niche here in Houston and I'm so thankful that I have Josh, girlfriends, AND a sister all within a few miles of each other. See you later, midtown, we'll stop by a time or two, but HELLO House Parties!!