Thursday, March 29, 2012

Idol returns!

Some thoughts on American Idol's top 9 contestants.  I was really really hoping to have a female Idol winner.  It's been WAY too long, maybe not since Jordin Sparks?  There are some good girl choices, like Jessica or Hollie, both amazing.

BUT, my gut says it'll be a guy again.  Why, you ask? lol Because Colton and Philip are the cutest things EVER.  And you know who votes, little 12 year old girls!  I'm personally a little obsessed with Colton and can see him winning.  Bonus, he is a Christian and talks about God on stage!  He warms my little heart.

After listening to last night's performances, the bottom 3 SHOULD be DeAndre (barf), Heejun (what??) and Joshua (just a random guess, the third is hard).  But should DeAndre or Heehun leave, they won't really be missed, although I really like Heejun's sense of humor, his singing just isn't up to par with the rest of the group. And DeAndre is with his crazy hair and Prince voice need to GO!

Elise KILLED it for the girls, she was the stand out female last night.  Also, they really gave Hollie a great make-over, she looked hot!

I may be really uninformed, but I'm tired of them singing a lot of songs I don't know. Seems to be a pattern this year. Is it because I'm old??

In other news, today was supposed to be Claire's big hip check up to see if she's done with the harness.  Well, I got a flat tire, couple of nails, so I couldn't make it.  I'm waiting for it to be fixed.  I also missed a few playgroups today that I really wanted to attend!  UGHGHGHGHHG such a frustrating day.  First world problems.

Saturday, March 24, 2012


I mean... you just want to get a good photo of your baby....

The spit up just won't quit!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Be my friend.

With the encouragement of a few friends, I have tried to join a few 'mom groups.'  Chelsea lives 5 hours I'm on my own here, trying to meet and bond with other new moms.  I do know some in the area, and I'm making an effort to hang out.  It's not easy with a little one, plus you feel like a huge nerd, trying to be someone's new friend.

Here we are at the Library baby story time.  Claire missed the whole book and play time with her crying then eating... next time, next time... Erica and Fini met us there, but she had to leave early, so I stalked a few moms here and there, but hung my head when they all walked to lunch with the strollers and I didn't get the pity invite I was hoping.  Few more convos around the parachute, I just KNOW I'll win them over.

Next attempt to friend moms was at Baby Boot Camp at Memorial City mall.  There were a few interested, I courted them, made small talk... but no digits yet (emails more like it).  It was actually really fun, Claire was semi-bad again, but the instructor was nice enough to take her off my hands so I could do the work-outs.  I am going to be SO SORE! Since I did ZERO working out my whole pregnancy.

 She finally fell asleep during end stretches... HA! Then promptly woke up when I wanted to go shopping ...bleh.

 Just so you know... I really do have friends, really good friends in fact.  It's making new ones that I can share more baby talk with that I'm trying for, and it's so freakin' awkward!  I wanna laugh out loud and just be like, "Hey, BE MY FRiEND. I like you!" Then they'll probably run their stroller in the other direction... I've gotta be cool about this...let's not scare them...

I'll just be patient and keep participating.... I may be a huge loser... but this little gal, with hair a'blazin' (her toupee, if you will) will win them over fo sho.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Crawfish and bluebonnets = Spring

Heeeellloooo I'm trying to get a post in while she's sleeping in her swing.  Quick embarassing story, I came home from H.E.B. to find that my garage door wouldn't open...turns out the power was off in the neighborhood, a common occurance. Naturally, I started crying.  Yep. Mostly because my house was steaming hot now, baby was crying, groceries were melting and I live in a 3 story steep house with a shared drive and I had to just park out front blocking everyone since the garage wouldn't open. 

I called Josh and cried to him that he needed to call Center Point Energy.  Then I looked and actually SAW one of their trucks and proceeded to yell at them with a crying baby on my hip!  The man said it'd be another 45 mins.  Man, I have issues! I'm laughing about it now because our neighbors came over to help me.  They put my groceries up, manually opened the garage and pulled my car in while I fed Claire.  Thank God for good neighbors, thanks David and Kerri (PS: Why weren't you at work David?? LoL, glad you weren't though!).

That little story is what my high school friends would call "First World Problems!"  We made a huge joke about that last week in San Antonio... try it, it's hilarious and puts you in perspective.  Like, "damn, my iPhone is dead!" First world problems! Or... "Ugh, they're out of my favorite cereal, I have to get generic!" First world problems!  They even went so far as to laugh when I said how much I hate uploading photos to Blogger..."Stay at home mom problems!"

That's why me complaining about no power for 2 hours is stupid. But I still cried of course...what if I had a REAL problem...a 3rd world problem...I shouldn't complain!

The Bluebonnets are in Bloom! Little Claire bear looks so pretty =)

... got bit by fire ants taking blue bonnet pics...and my camera died, so I didn't get any with me or Josh! (first world problems).

St. Patty with Daddy!
 Uncle Cody!!

Also, Shea's crawfish boil was really fun!  I'm glad it's spring, gotta get prepared for the heat's A'comin'.

Friday, March 9, 2012

3 Months!

No stats this time... but I had a little photo shoot with my friend Melissa (immediately followed by a trip to the bar). 

Claire has really grown, and looks like a fat little muffin with chubby arms and legs!  She eats up to 6 oz a feeding, still every 3 hours and is off and on with sleeping at night.  Just when we thought she had it down, this week it all fell apart.  So basically I have no idea what I'm doing!

She fits well in 3 month clothes, so I guess that's right on track! haha.  She "talks" ALOT.  Babbles to herself most of the day.  Now that the harness is off during the day, we're working on tummy time and neck strength.

She loves Shelby and I heard the first instances of laughter from her this week when Shelby was howling.  It's more like a little cackle (he he he).

Claire is trying to turn on her side these days, not quite yet without help.  She can sit in her Bumbo chair and ride in the City Mini stroller now.

I'm getting more and more used to her, and kissing her more.  I never did it at first, but I'm feeling more like, hey this is my baby and I like her, she's really cute actually.  Don't ask me why I didn't feel like that at first...but I'm just doing better all around.  No more counseling and meds, just the occasion tears during her meltdowns, which I know is quite normal. 

No more pics, please!!

I'm starting to venture out more, Target..H.E.B.... and I'm looking at some mom's groups and library time.  I'm not 'getting the hang of it' more, I'm just dealing with it MUCH better and starting to really enjoy her and our time together.

I love you little Claire Bear!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Getting out of hand...

Sent this Pic to Josh, he replied, "Shelby refuses to not get attention." No joke! She's insane!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mom fail?...or win!

You really want to watch your DVR'd American Idol but the baby won't shut up.  You turn her swing towards the TV, hey she might enjoy Randy's critiques too... Mom WIN. She's quiet for at least an hour.
It's 80 degrees and sunny and you really want a beer.  The place also serves food, so technically you're really not taking a baby to a bar right? It's more like a Bar N Grill... Plus you sit outside.  SO not a bar.  Mom win.

 Baby spits up/drools, but you're too lazy to wipe her for a 30th time that day. Shelby pup picks up your slack, dog tongues are pretty clean right?  Mom win.

 Claire's first play date with Josephine ("Fini")!  They are only 2 days apart. It really was a great time. Erica and I have matching carriers, gray shirts, pants...dogs' facial expressions... Mom fail.  lol
 At least the babies are cute.  Mom win!
 @Westpark Bark Park, rule 5a. No kids allowed.  Mom win.  Who's going to tell me to leave with this little face and red bow.  NO ONE! Plus, Shelby has fun.  Mom double win.

Great weekend!  Hope yours was fun as well.