Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Technology Fail - FWP

So, do any of y'all (the 5 people that read this) have cell phone who turns voicemails into text?  My Sprint phone, a Samsung Galaxy S2 gave me a free trial of this supposed mind-blowing advanced technology.

Let me demonstrate the fail that is Sprint's Voice to Text.  A recent voicemail from Chelsea Sal.

Here is the text I recieved:

"...hey I was calling the...if you do you any event flash else bye bye do early or whatever well there's just 1 on mary jane. j.a.n.e. that I just like started subscribing to hey I need here so I need to check it out like they had the you did you girls calling."

So, I thought, either she's wasted on a weekday at 1:30pm... or this new phone feature is ridic.   Here is what her voicemail said when I listened to it...

"Hey I was calling to see if you do any of those flash sales sites like Zulily or whatever. Well there's this one called Very Jane, j.a.n.e., that I just started subscribing to and you seriously need to check it out. They have the cutest cutest girl's clothes."

Exhibit B:  My dad's voicemail.  Sprint tries to make head or tails of what he says

" ...I hope it went well with the little baby burger, little baby, the baby burger. Ok I'll talk to you later boo boo, byebye." - actual voicemail

Sprint interpretation, the computer thought, he couldn't possibly be saying baby burger, that's just crazy:

"hope it went well and a little baby mover, healing baby,  baby okay, I'll talk to you later, byebye"

Exhibit C:  A voicemail from Karen C.  The cuss word!  Part of the text I recieved:

"...I don't know if you're to certain shop you wanted @#$% head up for any if you wanna get the points that I I cannot find on"

Apparently the app thought Karen was cursing at me LOL!!  I laughed so hard, this technology is SO STUPID and I can't turn it off.  HEY SPRINT, HEY SAMSUNG.... get back to work!!! Fail. fail fail.

What Karen actually said:

"I don't know if there's a certain shop you wanted to hit up, or if you wanted to go to the pool instead I totally understand."

Friday, September 7, 2012

Bear Cave pt2

Her bear cave, she hides toys in it and goes back and forth in it! So freaking cute.  Perfect for a crawler who loves to find small spots to hide.