Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sweet tooth much?

I have never been big into desserts, ask my friends. I love cheese! Salty stuff like chips, cheetoes, rice cakes are more my style. Claire has had other ideas for me. Now I eat whole packages of:

Josh has made a few trips to the gas station to buy those little gems. And last night, I was like, let's go ALL out and went to Kroger and got these:

Half the box is gone, but luckily I'm full right now from lunch and not craving them at the moment. But I did get some brownie mix for tonight since we're having people over. They need dessert too, RIGHT?

So in conclusion, I'm a huge, fat, non-stop eating cow who has no self-control. The END. Maybe I should go get on the treadmill for ONCE in this pregnancy. I have started PreNatal yoga on Saturdays, that'll help right? Meh. My gestational diabetes test is in 2 weeks...this should be interesting!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Happy Viability Day, Claire!

What is fetal viability? "The point at which a fetus becomes potentially able to live outside the mother's womb, albeit with artificial aid..."

Pregnancy is lined with landmarks...and since I won't have an ultrasound or my gestational diabetes test for a while, this is the closest milestone I got!


I've also found that by hitting this mark, strangers are VERY comfortable asking you your Due Date or about your pregnancy. Before, it was touchy on is she just chubby or...pregnant? And no one wants to ask a NON-pregnant person something about their baby if, in fact, they are not pregnant.

Now that I'm obviously pregnant to the general public, my friend Kendra pointed out all the perks I have been getting.

One: Clutch parking at the grocery store and CVS.

Two: At Collina's, there was a long wait and people standing everywhere, Kendra and I signed in and I instinctively rubbed my belly and said "Man! I'm starving." Let me tell you how fast that hostess found a chair for me to sit in and put a fresh bread basket in my lap. SCORE.

Three: Jason's Deli last night, picking up my To Go order, the manager hands me a coupon to get a free cookie if I filled out a survey, I naturally reponded, "MAN! Wish I could get that cookie up front!" Of course, he glanced at belly, then ran and got me a cookie and said "Pre-emptive cookie for you Miss!". Yum. (yes, I went home and filled out survey anyways with very high marks).

So, it's not all stretch marks, missing bachelorette parties and scale tipping...some good things come out of actually being pregnant (besides your baby, DUH). Though, honestly, if I had a magic fairy wand and could skip the 9 months and just snuggle my little Claire, I'd happily do that! This is by far the weirdest, coolest, most roller-coaster ride of a time I've ever had.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Six months preg and counting...

It's been very crazy in my belly lately. Claire moves around all the time and I can see her do it from the outside now too. I SWEAR everytime I call Josh over to look and feel she stops. She does it on purpose! It's a lot of position flipping and rolling around.

I still don't know what part is what, I'm not big on pushing around to find out. The more she moves, the more my digestive tract gets unhappy. The IBS issues have been bad lately. I have been trying to cut out cheese again (which is so hard), but I turned down pizza and lasagna this weekend, so proud. But turns out, if I don't get my cheese, I want WORSE things, like McDonalds french fries, FunYuns and HoneyBuns!

23 WEEK PICTURE!So, I went to the Dr last week and told them about some pain I was having. It was a terrible burning right at the pelvic bone and I couldn't really stand up straight. I got really freaked out and thought the placenta disconnected or something! He said that my pelvic ligaments were really inflamed and I needed to get a maternity support belt to wear as often as I could. I'm up 14 lbs as of this morning,'s just going to get worse!

How awesome are these?? (insert thumbs down here!)PreNatal Cradle! Haha!Cutest little socks EVER. I had to get them. I went to Pickles and Ice Cream and they called my name!

Also, we came across a Nanny that may work out for us! Our neighbor is moving to Fulshear and they aren't keeping their nanny, LaTonia, when they go. The couple can't say enough good things about her. She's great with their little Cole and cleans the house while he naps! Awesome! Ironically, LaTonia is pregnant and due on Thanksgiving, not to far ahead of me! She wants to go back to work, but part time, which is exactly what we were looking for! I can't wait for Josh to meet her and hopefully everything works out!

I'm taking Josh to the airport today, he's off to his big fly fishing trip up by Jackson Hole or Grand Teton or something. He planned this before we were pregnant and I was suppposed to be gone to New Orleans this weekend on Jill's bachelorette party. Well, I decided it was best for me to stay home, walking around with these painful ligaments and my cankles in 100+ degree weather probably wouldn't be best. I'm sad to miss out though!


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Murphy's Law....

"Anything that can go wrong WILL go wrong."

That's been our life the past couple weeks. One big Murphy's Law.... our bad luck started, of course with losing Ganny. We decided to still go on vacation....nice right? Well, got sick in the Bahamas, sinus infection, had to call in a Zpack and I wasn't happy about taking it.

Ok, that's fine, I'm a little sick...we're finally home from all the travel and Josh decides to run to the convienent store in our neighborhood...and BAM!Yes, weird picture but Josh rolled through a stop sign and was rammed by a Tahoe! This was shocking and awful enough, but to make it MORE of a Murphy's Law, he was in my work car. Add to that, we never signed a waiver + paid extra to have him as a driver of that vehicle. So not only was it his fault, my work's insurance won't cover a thing, since he wasn't supposed to drive that car. Did I mention I'm pregnant and stressing BIG TIME at this point.

We find out the bad news only after my company had the car TOWED and got me a rental. We quickly returned the rental after 2 days since we're paying for all and borrowed my sister's car for Josh to go to work.

Murphy strikes again... the estimated cost of my work car is $7500. Wow, we start the process of filing with our personal car insurance, surely they will be able to help us out.....

MURPHY: The collision place files paperwork with my company suggesting that the car is actually TOTALLED. Yes, that picture you see up there is TOTALLED. Makes NO sense. They said that the battery flipped over in the time they've had it and acid burned all the cables and transmission and suspension...etc... Totalled. A total Murphy is what it is.

Next up on Murphy's list: Our insurance company is citing a clause in our coverage that says it'd cover any borrowed car BUT my work one. Josh could have wrecked YOUR car...anyone reading this, anyone in the world, BUT my work it's not looking good for help from them. It's a ridiculous and unbelievable situation.

Nothing but bad news for 2 weeks... but here's some things that help me through: Our baby is doing great. I wasn't in the car when he got hit. Josh wasn't hurt. We can save the money up or do some sort of payment plan. I'm not fired. It's only money. Josh is a great provider and husband and is doing his best to alleviate stress from me and take care of this mess. It's only money. We can get through this!!!

21 week picture... you can see our lavender stripes... I calm down when I just sit in the nursery and rock in the chair. This too shall pass! Praying for good news from our insurance company...Josh will fight this stupid clause til the end!