Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Chevy Proud....

I hope you watch Friday Night Lights. If not, I really hope you get into it this season. It the most under-rated, best show on TV. It gets GREAT reviews and the critics always dote on the show and the writers! Unfortunately for them, they play it on Friday night to keep with the theme. There aren't too many TV watchers that night, but hopefully you start DVR'ing it. I'll keep you posted for when it starts.

Anyways! I digress....the point is the Chevy dealership on the show. Owner: Buddy Garity. Biggest booster to the Dillon Panther football team, a Texas good-ole boy.

I feel like last week I went to the real-life version of Buddy's Chevy dealership right here in Houston. I've been ressearching cars for weeks now and I was going back and forth between Nissan Murano and Chevy Equinox. I stumble over to LoneStar Chevrolet and it was QUITE an experience!

You're greeted by a number of good-ol boys, I met Roger who had a country accent and boots. He was actually a great sales man and I told him I would be back with my husband, he needed to drive the Equinox too. Upon leaving, the manager comes over and hands me a CD.

"We're so happy you came by today Erin, here's a CD, I think you'll enjoy what you hear, have a great day!" They sent me off with popcorn, water and CD in tow. Great first impression! As I drove down 290 the CD said,

"Hi, I'm Sharon, General Manager of Lonestar Chevrolet. We're so glad you came by, but I'm concerned you're leaving without finding what you were looking for. If you come back and do buisness with us, you'll get free oil changes for LIFE! Thanks and have a great day!' Cheesy country twang playing in the back ground. I loved it.

After a small battle with the husband, I finally came home on Saturday with my very own LoneStar Chevrolet Equinox!! Roger and crew took our picture with our new purchase and said that we'd get a CALENDAR with our Equinox pic on the front in a few weeks. I laughed on the inside. Where will I ever display our new calendar?? It was such an experience, how can you not love these car sales men and their Chevy's??

I'm very happy we bought American. Chevy's have come a LONG way and I'm very used to driving them (hence the Chevy Impala I'm sending packing today, farewell, you gold boat you).

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Scents and Babies!

So, last Sunday I had my first Scentsy party! It was so fun. Our presenter was named Brooke and I hosted about 7 girls. Here are some pics from the party!

Scentsy is a good little device that is like a candle, but safer! It just melts scented wax, and there are so many cute designs to fit any decor!

Here's the snacks we had, mimosa, cheese, fruit, cookies...etc...

Yay for good times with friends!! FeFe, Jenn, Colleen, Coty, Emily, Jill, Karen, and me!

We got some really great gifts for mother's day and I got few neat things for our house too!

Another GREAT thing that happen this week was that little Caraline Nicole Frost was born! She was 5 lbs 13 oz and 18.5 inches long. She was so tiny and perfect! Here's mommy Jill and baby.

Luke was awesome and so great during everything. He even got into Facebook picture posting and said he was now a pro and knew how to 'tag.' ha! The Frosts!!

Cute little bow and blankie!!

I had a few hecklers, ahem you know who you are, you cannot believe I've never held a newborn. This is no joke. I STILL haven't changed a diaper in my life. I know this sounds weird, but I never babysat growing up and none of my friends here had kids yet! Slowly but surely this will change.

"Look, you're a natural, wink wink!" (thanks for that vote of confidence, Erica!)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

T - Par - T

So it's April 15th! You know what that means....Tax Day Tea Parties!!!

Of course, this is the 2nd annual Greater Houston Tax Day Tea Party downtown. Last year was at Jone's Plaza.... here's a few pics from last year...

Colleen, Me, Mel, Karen...and patriotic Walton!
So this year, they held it at the beautiful Discovery Green downtown and there was a big crowd again.

Karen had mentioned that the best part about the rallies are the signs. Last year they were really creative and made you laugh!! This year I feel they are more on the serious side as the jobs situation has not improved since last Tea Party and the spending has gone even more haywire.

This guy's sign was funny, however!!
He was referring to the ridiculous comment by a Congressman Hank Johnson that the island of Guam may tip over if we send more military personnel. Let's hope he was talking figuratively.

The really fun part was more of the reason Ashlee and I were there. If you want to make a difference you have to start locally. So we're joining the campaign for John Faulk. He's running against Sheila Jackson Lee, who unfortunately represents us both, and many of our friends in MidTown, East Downtown, CBD, and the Heights.

We actually met John Faulk and he enlisted us with a huge roll of stickers and I offered my services as his Twitter-er. Let's hope I get that position, his communications director seemed all for it! Who has time to Twitter?! ....besides me....=) Ashlee has the picture of him and us on her fancy new camera (so jealous)!

Basically, Sheila Jackson Lee was the brilliant Congresswoman who flew out on our dollars to L.A. for Michael Jackson's funeral to say she's going to introduce a Bill to honor him as a humanitarian... as if our Congress wasn't busy enough, they surely will want to honor an alledged pedofile. At least Pelosi denied her request. She also claims the National Weather Service is racist because there are no black-named hurricanes (what IS a black name, Sheila??). She's an all around awful Rep. who answers her cell phone at Town Halls when being questioned by a voter. The landscape of her district has changed drastically. We aim to kick her out!!


November seems like forever away... but there's no time like the present to try to make a difference!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Crawfish and Easter Pizza

We packed up our bags and pup and headed to Katy this weekend. Life in the 'burbs is different, but fun too! We had a huge crawfish boil out at Remko's house. These are a bunch of Katy guys who have known each other WAY too long. We all pitched in to throw the party for Charlie and Andrea. They are moving to Cleveland! We're going to be so sad, so will Shelby. She actually cried when she saw their golden retriever, Beanz. She loves him. Here's Andrea and I before it all got crazy...

Jill and Rob showed up with SUCH awesome cupcakes! I asked Jill if she'd make some, and she went to TOWN! They are even Easter themed.

Shelby and Titus lovin' the outdoors and big trucks... and speaking of big trucks, it was getting a little hot, so the guys decided to make a TRUCK POOL. Great idea. 'Burbs.

Look, you can cool off AND drive to a friend's house....so convinient. They are probably reliving times at Katy High and this very moment.

Here's Josh doing what he does best. For those of us who are not all about peeling little crawdads, he made chicken and hot dogs.

Here's Blake, Ryan, Charlie, Remko, Josh, Brian and Daniel.

Daniel, you hot? Don't worry, we'll pull up the pool. Sorry, the pups are hot too!

These are the happy go lucky day time photos. After over 12 hours of sun and beer...things got a little out of hand. So, as you can imagine...the keg was floated...more beer was bought, beer pong tournaments, fist fights, tears...but the friendships are still entact. It was a glorious night in Katy. Hope to do it again...if we're invited back.


We woke up the next day, had to pull it together from the fun night before, and headed to our 3 Easter visits. We headed to Sealy and had a great meal with Josh's dad's side. They are sweet country folk who think I'm "fancy" because I have a Coach purse and once wore a scarf.

Next we headed to Josh's Godparents, another Nowak clan. We were very excited to see everyone, Donnie, Carolyn, Barb, Speedy, etc...and Kathleen! She and her hubby George live in London, where we stayed last year. They said they are going to get a 'mini pig' as a pet. It's the cool thing over there. Puppies are so last year.

Finally we ended at Josh's mom's house where the Easter pizza comes into play. Josh's mom, Cheryl married Angelo who used to own a NY style pizzaria! He's actually from New York so his hand-made pizza are legit and awesome. I'm so happy they let us bypass the usual Easter meals, I've been wanting his pizza for a LONG TIME! He even taught me a thing or two...

The pizza was amazing and the weekend was great. Hope you had a great Easter, too!!