Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dog Birthdays? Yes, Please

So, my child, I mean dog, turned 1 year old. I want to leave you with a little pictoral montage of her big day. The park is Millie Bush dog park, Shelby LOVES it. She's a great little jumper as you will see. One day I want to enter her into a "DOCK DOGS" competition. Sit back and enjoy... OOH and PS: These were taken with my new Canon Rebel XS. GOOD TIMES!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

San Diego? Don't mind if we do!

This weekend we celebrated Mr and Mrs Steven and Jessica Moore's wedding in sunny San Diego! Steven went to Katy HS with Josh and he met Jessica when he randomly moved to Cali 2 years ago, nice goin' Steven!

We stayed for 5 days and it was an amazing time. We stayed at Hotel Indigo in the "Gaslamp" district downtown. Kinda like Houston's "midtown" or Dallas' "uptown." Very hip and fun. Look how cute these rooms were! So trendy!

Andrea and Charlie (Panda Tat) Mertz were able to come and we were SO excited to see them. It has been over 3 months since they moved to Cleveland and we've been missing our fun times together!

In classic Mertz style, they went on a Segway tour (only 2 peeps that were in the tour) of the city, we didn't partake. But one of the adventures we HAD to get in on...

La Jolla Sea Cave Kayak Tours! Check out these wetsuits. So awesome. Best $5 I ever spent.

Here's a group shot before we went out on the freezing cold Pacific ocean. I was a little nervous (rumors of Great White spottings). But, I felt safer since Josh and I were kyaking tandem style. I don't think I could have paddled that thing myself!

Andrea, Charlie, Jacob, Erin, me, and Josh

Hotel Indigo has a bar on the 9th floor, check out this great view of the baseball stadium (Padres I think? lol)

Getting the basics down.
Beautiful view of the California coast.

Wild Sea Hubbys... Wild Sea Lions!

These houses in La Jolla were worth 15 million! The the late Dr. Suess and owner of Vanity Fair were among the residents.

PEEK A BOO little Harper Seal

Heading back to shore after paddle over some sharks...crazy!

Hotel Indigo had a bar on the 9th floor, great view of the Padre's baseball stadium!

I think this is Thursday night...they sort of blur together. But more friends came into town. Remko, Natalie, Nowaks, Marisa and Andy

Here's a pic of some of the girls. I called us "The Real Housewives of Katy, Texas" I think people would watch! =) PS: Katy boys must like them some brunettes!

Jessica looks so beautiful!Two great things about the ceremony. 1. Steven's brother is a minister, so he married them and had the best, most personal wedding messege that made me cry. 2. No joke, some birds flew over and POOPED on the groom. Literally, everyone was laughing and he used his hankie to wipe it. How ironic, how Steven Moore?
The reception was at the Diamond Tower and it was AMAZING! So nice, open bar, great view and great friends. Good job Moores.

My handsome date.

It was very chilly for this pic!
We had a wonderful time, crazy drinking and dancing and I can't wait to reunite with The Real Housewives of Katy, TX again!! The boys have 10 yr reunion in March, whahoo!!

Yes, Josh is covered in sweat from dancing. That's how Nowaks do it!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Questionable Purchases

Fall fashions are rolling in. I decided to check them out at Old Navy today and see what I can get into this year...figuratively and literally.

Now, a few of my friends have made questionable purchases (in my book any way) with these shoes called "Toms." See Chelsea's blog. However, I feel they are more for comfort than for a fashion statement...so that's ok. It sucks to be on your feet ALL DAY. I group them in the Crocs class (only cuter).

So my questionable purchase is one of those combo names that spring up every once in a while like "skorts." I am talking 'bout JEGGINGS. Jeans + Leggings = JEGGINGS. This was not the first time I had heard of these, but DEF the first time I've seen them. Let me tell you, they are INTRIGUING. Here's a little pic of what I'm talking about...

Now, I haven't been one to shy away from leggings. In fact, I usually throw them on in the winter with boots and a tunic/dress and call it a day. So, when I came across these I thought...man I could fit these babies into boots (unlike my jeans) and I'll probably get alot of wear out of them (unlike my jeans). Oh yeah, I HATE wearing jeans. It's so weird and uncalled for, but A. I feel fat in them and refuse to buy a larger size. B. They are uncomfortable, no matter what, to me. C. I was forced to wear them everyday for 2 years at a certain Fitchy retailer D. Dresses and skirts make me feel FREEEEE...!

So, 2 birds; 1 stone. = JEGGINGS. Satifies the need to wear jeans in the winter and my need to keep wearing short dresses. Man, I can't wait to look just like Kate Botsworth here...

HAAHAA. We'll see, we'll see. It's still 100 degrees, almost jegging season...will keep you posted.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Where are the Pups?

My sister moved in with us...bringing along Happy (yep, that's her name).
Happy and Shelby are just like any other cousins...play, wrestle, fight.... and... have secret club houses!!!

So Sneaky...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Whoopin' it Up

Texas A&M opening day: AGGIES VS. LUMBERJACKS (lol what!)

Me, Natalie and Jenny at our hotel
Little pre-drinking at Ozona. Josh and I ate an awesome chicken-fried steak!

Can you believe it's been 5 YEARS since we graduated?? Reunion weekend was a complete success and I'm STILL tired from all the partying!

Nat, Casey, me, Jenny, Jill, Chelsea and Liz

It was so amazing that all 7 "IKPi" members (roomies) made it to the game! Jill and Liz are MOMs now (!!!) and Casey is pregs! Man, things have changed, but it was so good to get together. And most people know how much I love College Station. We had a great time and the Aggies beat SFA!

Here's Josh and David hopping in our cab to the game!

Natalie and I in the van (no A/C, sooo hot)

Me, Chelsea and Liz at the Charles' tailgate!

Free bandanas? Nowaks say "Yes, please!"

After the game, we headed off to Northgate. We made appearances at Corner Bar and Logan's and shut the place down. Getting home was tough, but after a Taco Bell and McDonald's run, we found a cab and made our way back to the hotel. Josh was such a good sport, he is not an Aggie, but he plays one on the weekends =)