Monday, September 26, 2011

Jill's Wedding!

Jill's wedding was a complete success last weekend! I survived, though very tired afterwards, and Josh had a good time too (little TOO much fair) Here are a few pics from the weekend!

Rehearsal dinner was at the Saltlick in Driftwood, TX, right outside of Austin, it was so much fun! Rob loves Jillian! So cute how they did that when you entered the party room. Ashlee points it out haha

Here are some pretty friendlies with me, Kalin, Jill and Ashlee

Jill's dad sang 2 songs and of course I cried. He was very good and everyone could tell how much Jill means to him, great job Mr. Duquesnay!

This is the wedding site, over looking Lake Travis in Austin. It was called Vintage Villas, and it was a perfect spot for a wedding! We stayed right on site and the reception was there too, so convenient!

Getting ready for the ceremony! Can you believe Jill did her own flowers?? I saw all the flowers in her house the week before, waiting to open up, roses and lilies she got wholesale. She did an amazing job!

Karen, Kalin, me and Ashlee! Jill gave us a very long strand of coral freshwater pearls, they looked great with the flowers and dress!

She's ready to go! Paula, her sis, has her game face on too. Jill's "something borrowed" was my veil! So happy it worked out.

The reception was fun, great food, especially all the cocktail hour snacks which I went crazy on. SPINACH DIP Mmmmmm.... Josh drank all sorts of great Texas beers and I had water and fancy looking Diet Cokes all night.

Still partyin' it up, though very uncomfortable, the dress would not have zipped had the wedding been one week later, but it was all good. I think I held up pretty well for 29 weeks pregnant. OH! and Jill had request cards for the DJ, but he didn't play Backstreet Boys for me! Boo!

Great wedding, Mrs. Jill Hansen!! See you when you get back from Hawaii!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Third Tri - Oh My!

My PUP and my BUMP 27 weeks! 3rd Trimester! No turning back's game time. The 3rd trimester is here and I'm blowing up in epic proportions. I'm a legit pregnant person, no ifs, ands, or buTTs (mine is growing just about as fast as my bump, btw! awesome!)

Got brave...bare belly!

This weekend was SOOO busy. We had Josh's 10-yr HS reunion, friends staying with us, wedding showers, sorority reunions, etc...I'm so tired I'm mad I've even started this blog instead of sleeping. But when I get new pics... MEH I can't help myself!

Friday night we had the reunion at the Marriott and it was similar to mine, but they had a slide show which I thought was really neat. Josh wasn't in any pics (I didn't know to send any!) but he got to see all his old buddies and I got to sit at a table with all the "plus 1's" and just chat.
The wives! Me, Andrea (president O the class woot woot!), Marisa and Erin F.

We went up to Lake Conroe with all the Katy HS alum on Saturday and it was really fun, even though we ran the boat into some mud a few times and had to push it out...The drought is awful here! Plus with the fires up there in Magnolia, we could see the smoke!
The boys! Charlie, Ryan, Brian, Josh and Jacob

There was a group shot, but I'm being THAT girl. Like, whoa fatness. It's better off hidden on some SD card somewhere. One pathetic preggo story was that after all day at the lake, we went to eat, and the whole place reeked of smoke (after 9 it was allowed). So I get all teary-eyed and have one of the girls take me back to the lake house and I played Erin-pity party with my puppy in bed. I was just tired, but also kinda sad at all the fun everyone had, and I sat there, sober, watching it all...and didn't get a nap in. Oh well, it'll be ok!

Sunday at brunch, I met up with some of my Kappa Kappa Gamma pledge sisters and had our own little 10-year reunion. It was so great catching up with them!

Allison, me, Erin, M'lee and Ashley (& Noah!)

Noah was SO cute, playing in the rocks, kicking the ball around...and also getting "in trouble" with the security gaurd for hopping in the fountain. Ashley took it all in stride, and had a fresh change of clothes for him. She is SO prepared. I was jealous of Noah, it was HOT! I would have gotten in, too!

OOPs! Caught in the fountains... Mommy to the rescue!From brunch, I ran straight to Katy for a wedding shower for Natalie Z. She's marrying Josh's friend Remko.

Me and Marisa at the shower

Ok, time to sleep!! Dr. appt Tuesday and gestational diabetes test! Chiropractor Wednesday! Oh My!