Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dock Dogs Fail

I have been bragging and bragging about what a great jumper Shelby is. It's true!! I have a whole post that shows her skills.
So, when I found an "Intro to Dock Dogs" class online I was so pumped! The dogs run and jump off a dock into water for distance. We headed out to Meadowlake Pet Resort in Pearland and Shelby seemed ready to show off her skills...There were 4 dogs in the little class.

Me and my little jumper

Here is Lily, a dog doing the big jump! She was really good.

Shelby, waiting on deck to jump...

Daddy getting her ready...

Shelby's up! Hmmm... maybe not?

Thinking about it.... kinda cold huh?

"I'll fetch, but I won't jump off that dock!"

Even without making the big jump, Shelby had a great time...she jumped off the ramp and got to swim alot....maybe when it's warmer she'll do it! The Houston Chronicle was there, so she may be a newspaper star in the future, I'll be looking for that!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

My 28th

We went to Taste Of Texas for my 28th birthday. I am so lucky to have all these people in my life!! We had 15 people come but boy was I stressed out about getting a table together. This place doesn't take reservations, so Josh and I put our names down an hour before my friends came and everything worked out beautifully!! This is defintely a one of a kind place that everyone should try. The free desert and sparkler candle ended the night beautifully! Here are the pics...
The whole gang...

Hubby N Me

Rob and Jill (to be married soon!)

Mel, Karen, FeFe, Emily, Jill and Me!

Tate, Josh and James

KALIN!! (soon to be married!)

FEFE AND JIMMY (now married!!)


our yumz cheesecake.
I hope 28 turns out to be a great and prosperous year~!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Shelby's New Room

So, you all know my darling child, Shelby, sweet little thing, can do no wrong.

But...much to her parent's dismay, Shelby did a number on our bottom floor. We consider it "her room" when we're gone and have a baby gate to keep her down there. So apparently she thought that we needed to do some renovations, so she got the project started a few months ago.

See exhibit A:

So, while I was off during the break, good ole Pedro (nooo i'm not being funny, that's his name!) and crew came over and finished what Shelby started. She checked in on them and made sure they did it JUST the way she liked...

No more nasty carpet.

Starting to lay down the tile. This room is our study/excercise room/Shelby's domain.

All finished! Wonderful job! They took 2.5 days to do this and paint our bedroom, I highly recommend them if you need work done at your place.

Now with all the furniture back in...

I'm so excited to hang Josh's diplomas that I got framed for his birthday... so that is left to do, right above the desk. But I'm very happy with the results.

Carpet sucks, thanks SHELBY for the idea!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Quick Holiday Overview!

Emily and Christmas Cookie tradition!

I am a little late, but I wanted to leave a quick note about the holiday. We had a number of fun little parties before Christmas, many of them "tacky sweater parties." I also hosted our 2nd Annual girl's pot luck dinner and that was SO much fun. I love my girlfriends!

Later on, we were in San Antonio twice, for Xmas and for New Years. Christmas was a little tough this year, my grandpa, POM, fell and hurt his hip pretty bad. My mom was stressed out beyond belief, so we did a few things differently to accomodate checking on him and GANNY. We still went out for Mexican food on Christmas Eve and it was awesome! We got so many nice gifts and had alot of fun!

We had our second Christmas in Katy and had a great meal and fun White Elephant game with gift cards. I have no pics of that! We stopped by Josh's Godparent's house and saw his cousin's new baby! Landon Oliver ("Ollie")

The next weekend we went back to San Antonio for the 10th Annual ShrimpFest! We love this tradition with all my highschool friends and Josh's college friends. Lisa and Clifton made shirts this year and it was at the Horgan's house. Now that we're getting a little older, and slowly but surely there are kids coming to Shrimpfest, how old are WE!?