Monday, June 28, 2010

Our Yearly Kid Fix

This weekend we headed to San Antonio for an "Anderson" family mini-reunion. My mom's side came into town from Arizona and Oklahoma, aunts, cousins, kids and all! Those who couldn't make it, we missed you ALOT!

Staying at our house was my cousin Randy and his wife Heather. They have 3 cute kids: Amber, 4, Matthew, 6 and Joshua, 9. Joshua and my Josh have a special bond. They are both named Joshua Lee. During the World Cup halftime, the Josh's played for the name. The loser was to be named "BOB." Here's some of the kids playing with my Josh and Shelby! It was so cute.

So on Saturday, the Oklahoma clan came over. Michelle and Kenny's kids are Blaine, 11, Skylar, 10, Jordan, 6 and Lyla 14mo. Also were Aunt Jill and Bill. Yes, there were 13 adults, 7 kids, and 2 dogs over at the house. Our family activities tend to revolve around food. Burgers and hotdogs for lunch and mexican food for dinner!

Bar B Q Men - Daddy, Bill and Cousin Randy

Cousin Shell, me and Emily. Same pose since 1985.

Some of the group at La Posada Del Rey

Emily and I are the youngest of our no we have not produced any great grand kids for Ganny and Pom like everyone else....and yes, Josh and I were asked WHEN WHEN! Don't you love those questions?

The Prices, Nowaks and Andersons!

Look at all these great-grandkids for Ganny and Pom! (minus little Trey)

So happy Aunt Sara (dad's sis) and Cindy made it to dinner.

At least I know that Shelby will be good with any future children. She didn't seem to mind being sat on, chased, or poked. Good little girl!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Summy Summertime!


Last weekend a group of us took out Brian's boat on Lake Conroe for Memorial Day. It was Shelby's first boat/lake trip and she had tons of fun! Safety first! She didn't mind her life jacket because her boyfriend, Beanz, was wearing one too!

Here's the Mertzes and pups, ready for the lake! We piled in the new Equinox and headed north. We have only a few days left before the Mertzes move to Cleveland. We're going to miss them SOOO much.

Here's captain Shipley!
Shelby's boyfriend, Mr. Beanz.
My artsy lake photo.

My little girl is so freakin' cute. I love her tongue. She's was so hot though, definitely ready to swim. I floated her around on the knee board when I thought she needed a break.

We took the boat over to a "party island" and drank and watched the pups swim around / knock over little kids. It was quite entertaining, but kinda stressful. Maybe next time we'll do lake sans dogs.

You can go ahead and laugh, I know I act like Shelby is my kid, but until otherwise, she IS!! The END! =)