Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Case of the B.A.K.

Tuesday was 33 weeks ultrasound day! Finally, Josh went with me to the appointment, which I made a little later than I usually would so he could make an appearance at work.  Bad idea.  Apparently, my Dr was having a Murphy's Law sort of morning and was very late seeing us,  of course this only happens when Josh comes, he was not a happy camper.  I was just excited to get to see Claire again, so I didn't really care.  It's what I do all day as a drug rep anyways, wait in Dr. offices!  I'm good at that!

Anyways, he came in and announced what a crazy morning he had and hoped that I'd be an easy visit, just simple measuring here and there, check position and size...and out ya go.  Well... Claire decided to be difficult, causing him to take extra measurements to be sure what he was seeing was right!  He said that we had a case of the B.A.K.


Wait whaa?!?  So here is what he found (a couple times)... I'm 33 weeks... her head and abdomen measured 37 weeks and her legs were right on target at 33 weeks.  So, Bobblehead little one?  I asked what was the deal??  Why is her head so big??  He said that fat kids don't necessaritly have long legs...makes sense.
Here's two shots of her puff cheeks, face and nose if you can tell.

 So, he plugged all the measurements in and got that Claire is in the 87-90th percentile in size and estimated at almost 6lbs.  I have friends whose full term babies weren't even 6lbs!  Claire will most likely be 9+ by full term, so I was flipping out a bit.

Next, he told us that she's Frank Breech.  I found this pic on the internet to demo... I laughed at Good Baby vs Bad Baby!  She's so flexible!  Cheerleader for sure. Hehe.
I mean, it's not the end of the world, he measured fluid and there's plenty for her to turn.  Only 3% of babies stay breech, but if that happens, it's a C-Section for me...too much risk for baby and me to try to push out butt first.  That'd be a little disturbing anyways:

"I see the butt, I see the butt! Yes, keep pushing!"  No thanks.

So, B.A.K. + Breech = C-Section.  B.A.K. + Head down = My choice.  That's what is up so far.  I'm leaning towards a C-Section, based on what happened with my mom.  I was over 9lbs and she tried to push me out but it didn't happen and ended up with a CS.  I might as well have it planned on out if that's the case! 

Here's a few fun X-mas things that came in this week~~
 Our stockings that we have from Pottery Barn...

Here's Claire's!
Oh and with some of my Sophie Giraffe credit, got some swaddle blankets, I LOVE them, I'm kinda obsessed with them...and I used the PURE Baby laundry soap and it just smells heavenly!

Alright!  That's the latest!  See ya laterzzz

Monday, October 24, 2011

Baby Shower - Houston Edition!

I don't even know how to start this blog! I feel so loved after Sunday, I just can't believe it! The invitation said "Hosted by Emily and friends" and they weren't kidding. So many of my besties helped out to put on a great shower, it was truly amazing, fun and Claire is one lucky baby to have so many Aunties and one awesome REAL Auntie Emily.

They reserved a room at Collina's Italian Kitchen and you can bring your own wine! Here's Jill H. displaying the goods...Me, Jill F., and Casey - KKG/Aggie RoomiesThese ladies are all from Josh's side of the family even Claire's great-grandmother!Kalin, Jill H., me, FeFe and Ashlee! Such pretty friendsKaren, Jenn, me, Kate (expecting girl #2!!) and MelissaAuntie Em and nope, my mom never has her eyes open for pics, it's unbelievable!Kristen, me and Natalie B. !Natalie made Claire TuTus! One for each holiday and the waistband got bigger as they went along!Bouncer seat and a SOPHIE TEETHER GIRAFFE!! I got 5!! lol The hostesses went together and got my baby wearin' machine, a Beco carrier!Lots of hostesses!! Love them!Personalized goods! Jenn L. crafted the closet dividers... love it all!Shelby...helping me sort through the loot! She's just going crazy with all the new stuff.

Great shower, so so blessed to have such great friends and family. Both showers were SO much fun and we're practially set with baby things, time to stock up on diapers and wipes!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Few More...

In case I make a blog book one day, here are a few more maternity pics that are so cute. Thanks again Ashlee! I'm so exicted about my Houston Baby Shower today, eeeek!!

Been feeling pretty good minus bad back and swollen feet. I'm sure that's to be expected when you gain 27 pounds and most of it's fluid. YAY!

Our ultra sound check up is Tuesday and Josh is going. Hope everything is all good and she's measuring right on schedule. We'll see if she's still breech. TURN baby TURN!

We also had part one of Life With Baby class this week... Josh managed to put the baby doll's shirt on upside down TWICE. Even the teacher laughed at him... poor guy! We'll get it figured out.

Monday, October 17, 2011

San Antonio Baby Shower!

This weekend we had such a good time in San Antonio, it was SO busy with celebrating little Claire's arrival and also my parent's 30th Wedding Anniversary! I'll do a separate post on that. Here are the pics from the shower at my mom's, which was hosted by her and my Aunt Jill!

How cute is this wreath my mom made?? So many baby goodies on it, she worked hard on everthing! I loved these personalized M&Ms... SO cute, and you bet I'll eat them all eventually. This was part of a guess the number of candies game...I know how many, but I think we're using this game again next weekend! How many do you think there are??

These are the door prizes for all the games, soaps and lotions and fun note pads!

These are the parting gifts for the guests. My mom actually MADE these bath salts and scrubs and put the easy recipe on the bottom and wrapped them up! She went above and beyond! My mom is the best!

Here is the shower invitation, we also placed a few maternity pics around the party.

Here are the petit fours! Rattles, booties and little "C's" for Claire! They were delicious! We also had yummy cake balls from Emily's friend's company, Oreo ones were my fave!

Here's the food spread. All my favorite finger foods, we really stuffed our faces!

Aunt Jill me and my mom... can you tell they are sisters?? Haha they look so alike!

My sis Emily and I presenting the dessert area, yumz. I think she'll be Auntie Em!

Auntie Em and her fox... I mean dog, Happy. Though, she looks UNhappy at the moment.

My friend Meghan, known each other like 15 years!

Ex-Churchill Cheerleaders heehee my LOVES! Makes me wanna move to San Antonio, miss them! Lisa, me, Kendra and Meghan

Playing baby word find and word scramble.

This basket was full of baby items and we played The Price is Right game, to see who could add the prices up and be the closest! Me waddling around telling everyone what was in it.

Gift time! There were so many wonderful presents, here are a few pics....

DJ Baby Walker... Claire can DJ and spin records on it apparently! We laughed because my mom is going to be called Grammy, my dad was thinking about being BeBop to be music themed with Grammy... so this walker would fit right in.

Giving my mom her little hostess gift, the WillowTree Grandmother figure and a little bib for her house "My Grandma is the Best"

All the loot! Diaper Genie, our City Mini stroller, the cutest clothes, socks, bows, shoes ever! Bath tub, car seat base, Aggie gear, high chair... Claire is so so lucky!!

The whole gang! I'm so thankful for every single lady who came to Claire's shower! I set the camera up on the stairs with a timer... not too shabby a photo!

Ok, shower is over.... Amazon gift wrap = new form of fun...