Wednesday, March 31, 2010

So Proud?

So Shelby is my pretend human baby. She had a big week that we have to share with the world. She passed her PetsMart beginners class. She can sit, lay down, stay, leave-it, take-it, and drop it. For good measure, since Nowaks are always show-offs, Shelby rolled over, shook hands and twirled in a circle. 'Cause she can.

You can't look at this pictures without smiling. My sister even printed it out for when she's having a bad day. No lie!

And since human kids get report cards, they give us weirdo dog people certificates to make it legit incase our friends didn't believe us.

So, this proud parent was astonished, and I mean shocked to the core when I come home and find my perfect little graduate being less-than perfect!

I captured the crime.

Looks like Petsmart owes the Nowaks a refund! I mean, she had the hat on. I saw them hand write her name in the certificate. Refund now!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring into American Idol

I'm not gonna lie, I loved American Idol. Not just me, my sister and mom, too! I even guessed the last 2 winning idols far in advance. David Cook and Kris Allen (dreamboats by the way). I STILL think about how awesome last season's finale was where Kris Allen sang "I wanna Kiss a Girl" with Keith Urban, and Allison I. sang "Time After Time" with Cyndi Lauper. I have always loved singing! I was even in charge of our sorority singing group called the Kappa Pickers.


So, much to my dismay this year, the talent and production of the show has changed for the worse. Ellen as a judge is suck-tastic and on top of everything Simon is leaving after this season. He probably could care less about the outcome and he's even gone soft.

Now the kids, who are all way better than me, aren't as good OR as entertaining. It seems the producers are more focused on their "STORY" than their singing ability. MANY people have a good/sad/interesting/odd story that happened in their life. Yes, i do think it affects the way they relate and convey the lyrics. However, I can't STAND every other critique stems from ..."Andrew, I mean, it wasn't amazing, but you have a great story..." WHAT?!

Last night I almost threw the remote at the TV. The majority of singers were SO bad. The judges were just as shocked (finally). Honestly, I will still watch the dang show because there is still hope in my precited winner, Shiobhan Magnus, with close runner up likely to be Aaron Kelly (a David Archulette wanna be).


AARON KELLY - Only 16!

NO, I didn't say Crystal Bowersox. Yes, she's awesome. She is a modern Alanis Morrisette and is above and beyond most of the contestants. However, I have a feeling she's not going to make it, not going to get the votes. Let's face it, the last few winners are good looking boys. Who votes? Not me. Probably 9-17 year olds and their moms. While Crystal is an artist already, the dreadlocks and lip piercing won't get her the win, but she won't need it. Like Daughtry, Jennifer Hudson, and Adam Lambert have shown us...runners up, even 3rd or 4th place, will catapolt you to stardom if you're really that good.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rodeo Time!

It's Rodeo season. The time where normal Houstonians gather up their most western attire and head down to Reliant. We personally can't wait for Rodeo season!

Here's a pic where we borrowed these cowboy hats so we'd look LEGIT.

Though I must say, Cook Off this year was FREEZING!! I wore my warmest jacket and a DRESS and boots. Idiot. Why do I do that to myself?? This lasted until the 2nd or 3rd rum and diet, then I was nice and toasty. =)

Here's a group pic, kinda. And YES that is Panda Tatoo man right up front =)

Basically, Cook Off is a bunch of tents put up by committees, buisnesses, groups of all sizes. You have to score a wrist band to a tent or Cook Off is just pointless. It's free drinks and bar b que all night. Most years I have won tickets to the 100.3 FM tent, but this year we went with UNCLE GLEN. He's a whole blog post in himself, but he DOES have the hook ups! We had a great time!

Next up for Rodeo are the concerts. We're going to see Lady Antebellum and Keith Urban for sure and whoever wants to throw free tickets at us. Though I'd probably pass on "Tejano Night" and Selina Gomez/Justin Beiber night. That kid causes RIOTS in malls I heard!

I really hope you know what Muttin' Bustin' is, because that's probably my fave part of watching the rodeo. It's basically 4 year old kids holding onto sheep for dear life. The one that makes it the longest wins a prize! I think the prize is the sheep actually! LOL

Rodeo 2K10 here we come!!