Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Ags = Good??

Last weekend we went to College Station to tailgate for the Nebraska game. I love those Huskers (not just cuz we beat them hehe). My friend Shannon and her family threw one HELLUVA tailgate and Huskers fans are definitely friends of mine. We even set a record for Kyle Field in attendance! 90+K!

We just drove up for the before the game fun, we didn't have tickets but we got our butts home in time to watch the game and yell for my Aggies! Now we just have to beat t.u. on Thanksgiving day!! If we beat Texas, then they get NO BOWL. lol how hilarious is that?

Here are some pics from the fun day!

Shannon and I

Josh and his Aggie wifey, such a good sport.

CORN HAT. A must have for the holidays.

My Jill was there! So happy I ran into her!

Josh and JC (who says College Station is his new fave city, wise man)
So the tailgate was also in honor of Shannon's little sis, Erin who was dunking her ring. The great Aggie tradition where you put your Sr. ring in a pitcher of beer and chug it! How cute are these cookies?

Erin M., saying a quick little prayer before kicking butt on her ring dunk. 35 seconds, she killed it!! Bonus: She didn't puke.

So, thank you hubby for driving up to tailgate. Hopefully, Aggies will win tomorrow and get a great bowl game! WHOOP!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Snookin' for Love...

Better late than never? We had a great time with The Chenoweths in Austin for Halloween. We got to stay with Liz (Dr. Lizzy). It was fun to get out of town, even though Josh said on Sunday "I think that's our last Halloween on 6th Street." Boy we're old.

Josh and I LOVE the MTV hit Jersey Shore. It's very trashy and very hilarious. The point that it's so trashy has not been lost on me...but I can't help falling in love with their hilarious lingo and no shame attitude. I have never been one to shy away from reality TV, let's face it.

PRESENTING: Snooki and The Situation

Martha Washington and Ned Flanders


Doctor by day... Reno 911 by night.

We had a great time and got to eat at Juan in a Million on Sunday before we drove back. YUM! And now... on to Thanksgiving and other fun Holidays!...