Monday, April 30, 2012

Bouncy Baby!

Watch "Bounce!" on YouTube
This video makes me happy on so many levels.  Watching her use her legs brings a little tear to my eye after seeing her not even able to kick for 9 weeks in a harness.  I hope her hips continue to improve and are 100%!

Claire is so HIP! She also is wearing neon. Also hip. 

Oh and I can't tell you how excited I am to meet Chelsea's baby Logan soon! That's what I'm talking about in video. In just a couple weeks, she's going to drive or fly...undecided still, but I'm so happy!!

Claire is discovering mush on a spoon.  My first mistake was rice cereal mixed with water (LOL)...she spit that out, apparently it tastes like cardboard.  Then I really read the directions and said mixed with formula. That was better, but she got really constipated!  ROCK HARD POO! (yup, poo discussions, I swore I'd never show pics though.) 
 Tried some green beans to help, she hated!!  So, my bible book "Baby 411" said that some of that, Auntie Emily helped out...Oatmeal was a hit!  She's been getting about an ounce of that mush once a day. Nom Nom (ew).

In other news, you have kids and live in the same city as your mom, you're  SOOOOO lucky... that is, if you like your mom. So, I LOVEEEE my mom and she doesn't live in Houston, she's in San Antonio. BOO.  So, we discovered we can meet half way sometimes. She had Friday off, so Claire got all fancied up...

 And we met my mom and Aunt in Columbus,Tx at Nancy's Steakhouse.  It was surprisingly really good!  An hour each way for me, and Claire slept on both drives.  Whatta good little baby.

We'll have to do that more often...but I just remembered gas costs an arm and a leg. FOILED AGAIN.  Move to HOUSTON MUTHY!!!

That iz all. Oh and I got a hair cut, with a baby in my lap!  Win.

Monday, April 23, 2012

You don't forget!

This week is National Infertility Awareness week, which I hold very near and dear to my heart.  Once you've experienced the struggles of infertility, you always remember, even after you've been blessed with your little miracle. 

 Claire didn't care about 3% chance of conception!

I've chronicled my journeys on my blog here and here and probably some other posts along the way. It's surreal that about a year ago, I got my BFP (+).  We were on our way to IVF land due to my low ovarian reserve.  Basically I have the ovaries of a 40 year old.  God sent me to do some accupuncture, prayers and faith and we were pregnant on our own!

Our Little Miracle! First pigtails!

My heart goes out to the MANY women in my life that are struggling at the moment.  It shouldn't be taboo and it needs to be addressed, even in our Health System.  It's not fair that it's treated like a luxury health item.  Hopefully weeks like this help spread the awareness.  I feel like if men get things like Viagra covered, than fertility medications and consultations should get the same treatment.

First Swing at Auntie Jill's house

Sorority Sister + Sisters in miracle babies! Falon and Olivia

I try my best to limit my complaining/whining about my child woes to my bestest friends. Some of the most deserving people have the hardest time getting pregnant, and it's just plain not fair.  So, never take those little ones for granted, and think twice before posting that "my child is driving me insane" status update, because there's at least 1 person on your friend list that would love to be in your shoes.

And...what an amazing addition to Infertility Awareness week... Gulianna and Bill's surrogate is pregnant with their baby!  This couple and been through it all.... look! Try to watch without crying.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sunday, April 8, 2012

4months + Easter BunE

4 months~
Claire had a great 4 month appointment, she's a big healthy girl.  She weighed 15lbs 11oz (90th%) , 25 inches (79th%) and a pretty big head that had to be re-measured by the doctor, but he reassured me that it was totally fine since I had a big head too...great, thanks! haha.  He said that if we wanted to let her try some rice cereal that was fine, but he wasn't all enthused, he prefers 6 months for any solids.

I've said a million times that I'm done pumping breast milk.  I have even gone a day without doing it..but I picked it back up again today!  I didn't know it'd be so hard to quit!  That Mommy guilt is no joke.  I'm not even pumping that much... like 4 ounces a day, barely anything.  I'll probably dry up at some point.

We had the busiest weekend ever. Spent the night at Brian's family lake house in Conroe,

drive way parties...

 Easter lunches and dinners.  We're exhausted!  That didn't stop Claire from crying for 45 mins each night, ugh!  Trying to break her of those 3 am feedings is a nightmare.  But the Dr. said she didn't need them, it's just habit now.  She still gets a midnight feeding, but really needs to sleep longer and skip one. 

We had 3 Easters, my family came in last weekend from San Antonio...

Josh's dad's side in Sealy (sweet country folk, ham, turkey, all the fixin's)

Josh's mom's side (in Katy, burgers and hotdogs yum!)

I'm really sad we didn't make it to church.  We're in the process of looking for a church to call home and then get Claire baptized.  We were going to Houston's First Baptist, but I really want to settle in a Methodist since I was brought up that way, and Josh doesn't care to return to the Catholic church.

Claire's latest obsession is blowing spit bubbles.  It's really cute actually, I need a video.  But I'll leave you with her latest trick, the roll over!  Big heads are good momentum for rolling =)