Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Blessed Weekend!

We were in San Antonio last weekend for Claire's baptism!
Here's Lisa and I decorating the cake, my mom took on this project instead of buying, it was so worth it and so much fun to do!
The flowers were royal icing, leaves were gum paste and I did the lettering.
Here is the cake we saw online and tried to do.  Of course I had to change the color scheme to Claire Purple. 
Claire was impressed!
Sunday at Coker Methodist Church!  My little family.
Waiting in the quiet room.

Her big moment with Pastor Susan!
 Saying hi to her new Christian family! She did great! No crying, but not too much smiling either, til they gave her a teddy bear from the church.

 Josh's side.
 My side.
We had fajitas at my parent's house afterwards and she got lots of thoughtful gifts, like books, prayer signs for her room, and a James Avery charm bracelet with charms to start her collection! 
Claire, ready for some cake!  Haha.

 Lisa took a lot of great pics for me. So glad her and Kendra game, Clifton and Adam too.
Love thisAngel Baby
 She's her Daddy's girl, though.... Mmm beer!
We're very blessed to have her and our family support.  It was a great weekend!

Friday, August 17, 2012

NonBaby Related

Time for a ME topic.  An UN-fun one. But looking for answers.

Ever since High School I have had terrible stomach issues.  My friends thought I was bulimic because I'd rush off to the bathroom in the restaurants after every meal.'s like 15 years later and I'm STILL doing it.  Irritable Bowel Syndrome as it's called (IBS).

I've tried it all... gluten free diet, no dairy, medications...nothing seems to work but simply NOT eating anything from a restaurant or anything heavy.  OH and don't be stressed. Those are the triggers.

For heaven's sake, I missed nearly ALL of my friend Liz's wedding because I was so SICK from all her delicious food.  But how can I not eat out?? Josh says if we have girl's night out, to eat before then just have a few drinks and hang out with them.  I get his point, but eating out with friends is fun to me and I NEVER get to do it anymore, or have date night for that matter.  But he's right, I spend so many fun nights out tearing up in the bathroom in cramps, pain, and uuughhhhhh.  It happens RIGHT away.

Especially after having a baby, my stomach is even MORE not used to eating out, so when we do, I end up sick everytime, then Josh is mad that we waste money going out to eat.

I don't have an answer, I've had 2 endoscopies and 1 colonoscopy, nothing.  I know that it's very much stress induced as well, but I am really sick and tired of this digestive track.  I hate it. I hate IBS.  My friend Melissa is going to look into stomach transplants.

This post was set off by spending 3 hours last night sick after Josh brought home some food from his work dinner, my favorite place, Taste of Texas.

I guess turkey sandwiches at home are going to be my life now, and that just makes me depressed.  At least we'll save money.

Ok rant over.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Baby Antics

It's kinda hard to figure out things to keep baby busy and engaged until the next nap.  I love going to Baby Boot Camp class every morning, but that's over at 10:30.... Josh gets home at 6:15.  That's a lot of baby time!

TuTu Day at Baby Boot Camp

Sometimes we go to the store, the Children's Museum, or play dates at other mom's houses, but those are usually once a week type things.  Normally I have to figure out what the heck to do around the house when I'm not feeding/diapering, and she's not into watching video/tv yet, believe me I've tried.

Baby workout/crawling:

Reading and playing:

New game:  What's in that bowl?

  This worked for only 15 minutes. 
Other game, run around the house grabbing diapers and chasing Shelby dog.  What a sneak! That is probably like 30 minutes. It's so funny that she throws them everywhere, then looks so guilty.
Did I do thhhaaaaat?

I do love being with Claire all day, but it's really hard. I've had the itch to earn money again.  Josh shot down my dog walking idea last night.  Rude. 

Run Shelby!

Then my friend Shannon said that her company will be hiring in a few months... it's really temping to go back to pharma sales.  It's so hard to know what to do and if it'd be worth it, money wise and time away from her. MEH.

But I feel kinda silly sometimes... still paying those student loans and not even working. It sucks, wish those payments would disappear. Ha. Hey Obama get on that.

It's just been weighing on my mind.  When or If I will go back to work.  What I will do.  Full time/part time?  I wish I could find something worthwhile to do from home..not a pyramid scam, a legit job.

But anyways, love when my parents, Grammie and Papa come to visit!

And in case you would like to help little Claire be the Gerber baby, voting will start Sept 4th! 

She's under "Sitters"  even though she's a crawler, she wasn't quite crawling when I entered her. ooooops!

Here's some videos of her new skillz.


It's already August, crazy!  Hope you had a great July!