Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Blessed Weekend!

We were in San Antonio last weekend for Claire's baptism!
Here's Lisa and I decorating the cake, my mom took on this project instead of buying, it was so worth it and so much fun to do!
The flowers were royal icing, leaves were gum paste and I did the lettering.
Here is the cake we saw online and tried to do.  Of course I had to change the color scheme to Claire Purple. 
Claire was impressed!
Sunday at Coker Methodist Church!  My little family.
Waiting in the quiet room.

Her big moment with Pastor Susan!
 Saying hi to her new Christian family! She did great! No crying, but not too much smiling either, til they gave her a teddy bear from the church.

 Josh's side.
 My side.
We had fajitas at my parent's house afterwards and she got lots of thoughtful gifts, like books, prayer signs for her room, and a James Avery charm bracelet with charms to start her collection! 
Claire, ready for some cake!  Haha.

 Lisa took a lot of great pics for me. So glad her and Kendra game, Clifton and Adam too.
Love thisAngel Baby
 She's her Daddy's girl, though.... Mmm beer!
We're very blessed to have her and our family support.  It was a great weekend!


Kelly Jean said...

Love all these pics, what a beautiful day for your little fam!

Dianna said...

The cake turned out gorgeous! I am impressed! Claire is adorable!!