Monday, July 26, 2010

Man Time...

I was such a good wife this weekend. No, really. I did all the boy things that Josh wanted to do. I think I did pretty good and being his man friend.

I went fishing. Soccer. Softball. BBQ.

Now, friends O mine know how big of the 'out doors type' I am. I'm not saying I'm miss priss, but I was outdoors a LT much, more than my comfort zone, and I have the mesquito bite welps to prove it.

Saturday morning Josh had an indoor soccer tournament. LOVE it. Key word INDOOR.

Saturday night, we stopped at Fiesta, got some bait shrimp and headed out to do some night fishing with Shae and Daniel. Yep, me and tha boys. We went over to the ship channel where DOW chemical and all that goes down. You don't eat these fish. They may have 3 eyes.

Josh said it's sad I've never caught a fish, so he set out to change that. Unfortunately, I did not catch a fish, BUTTTTtt...


Josh was so proud. I know he wanted to keep fishing, I literally was getting eaten alive by the Texas Hummingbird sized Mosquitos. Even though the OFF said "protects against West Nile," I wasn't convinced. I wrapped myself up in a towel and headed back to the car to get on Facebook mobile. =) ... what! I caught a freakin' crab, I was dunzo.

Shortly afterwards, the boys came back and it turns out I was the only successful fisher-woman. So, HA!

Sunday was filled with softball. Luckily, my sis Emily came along for the ride so I had some girl time. Josh's brothers and friends have a team called "STEROIDS" and some of their shirts are quite inappropriate.

I got to play around on my new Canon Rebel XS. I shot a few on the 'sports' mode. I know it's stupid to use those pre-set buttons, such an amateur. But you wait! I'm going to take a leisure learning class and get really good at photography!

Next free weekend, Josh is going to do a mani/pedi and go shopping! He owes me! =)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Google This

Have you ever thought about life b.G. (before Google)? If someone asked you how many miles it'd take you to get to Cleveland (shout out to the Mertzes!), you'd have to guess and guess hard. I can tell you it's 1,304 miles.

A crazy thing I heard this winter was that the CDC was working on where to send those pesky H1N1 Flu vacs and Google knew WAY before the gov't simply by looking at the "Googling" trends; what area of the country had the most "flu symptoms" or "do i have H1N1" queries.

Some may think that this is scary. They know too much about you. I mean I can look at my mom's house!! Google map her address, click street view and BAM, my dad's car is even in the driveway from the day they photographed!

Also, I will admit to you, I just Googled "why do dogs sigh?" It came up, and there are ALOT of people Googling (wondering) the same thing. Sad for us, funny for you. Turns out Shelby is either bored, tired, or content.

But who are the real people affected by this? The ones who Google's national domination hurt the most?


Yep, the Encyclopedia sales man. Also, remember those commercials for Encyclopedia Brittanica? It's a nice thought. But....I vote Google it. Google it ALL, ALL the time, till the cows come home, then Google why the cows come home in the first place!

Which, BTW, originated in print in Scotland, 1829. Also, here's an illustration from an English Teacher's whose students are learning to illustrate colloquialism.


Friday, July 9, 2010

I live Sub-Tropical

So this is an alternate hair-do for those who live in the rainforest like me. I would say it rains MOST days here! You have to get creative!!

One Hurricane down (Alex) many more to go??