Monday, December 13, 2010

The 'Berg

Deep in the heart of Texas

We had a fun and relaxing time in the sleepy town of Fredericksberg. It's full of cute wineries, anitque shops and laid back country folk.

We stayed at Chuck Wagon Bed and Breakfast and we would gladly stay there again. The owners Sam and Becky were super sweet and had delicious breakfast food they make from scratch. Sam also had a mustache that wouldn't quit. No pic, sadly.

Our first night we took advantage of our fire place and made s'mores. I really wish we had a fireplace at home, it's so nice in the winter and looks so pretty.

The town has many cute wineries and the Circle E Candle factory. Josh was such a good sport and let me do the wine tastings and shop around. He doesn't even like wine and made crazy faces when I made him taste some.

These are my second fave smelly things. Scentsys are number one of course.

We had the wineries to ourself pretty much... look!

There were a few activities that Josh was more into. They had the Fredericksberg Brewing Co. there, so he had some different type beers to try.

We also went to Enchanted Rock, a cool state park where you hike and stuff. I was a good sport with this adventure. He was hiking so fast! I had to stop a few times along the way.

So YAY for our non-flying on an airplane trip. I like road trips a lot better (for now)!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Xmas Decor!

I'm so happy we finally have a house to decorate! We've always been moving and in boxes during the holidays so I got to pick up a few things at Hobby Lobby and have some fun!.... CHECK it OUT.

Our wreath (made by our friend Coty)

Our centerpiece

Our makeshift mantle.

Starting to get Xmas Cards...

Don't tell Josh... =) Gig'em Ags.

Our tree!